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Crest: A savage’s head couped Proper
Motto: Durum patientia frango (I overcome difficulty by patience)
Origin of Name: Gaelic “Mor”, large
Region: Lowlands
Historic Seat: Rowallan Castle
Clan Chief: None, armigerous clan

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Muir Tartan

Muir Ancient Tartan

Muir Ancient Tartan

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Muir History

This name is found in a number of variants throughout Scotland – in the northern isles Moar is common, while the Aberdonian spelling of Moir is to be found on and around the east coast. In the lowlands, neither of these spellings is to be found, though the name Muir is very widespread. The gaelic ‘mór’ is translated as ‘large’ or ‘big’, and the surname may simply refer to such physical attributes.

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