Clan Routledge

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Clan Routledge

Routledge Clan Crest

Routledge Clan Crest

Crest: A garb vert – green sheaf of wheat (Scottish)
Motto: None
Lands: Hawick (Scotland) and Bewcastle(England)
Clan Chief: None, armigerous family 






Routledge Tartan


Routledge Tartan

Routledge Tartan

Clan History


Routledge History

The Routledges came from the Scottish/English borders, the name can have two meanings, one is from lowland Scots ‘Rout’ and ‘lug’, which roughly translates to a “loud and clumsy”, so a descriptive name that then evolved into a surname. Also it could have come from the words ‘rudd leche’ meaning ‘red stream’ so a name given to someone who lived near a red stream. Since the name first appeared it has spread far and wide which is incredible when you hear their history. They were known as ‘Every Mans Foe’, ‘Every Man’s Prey’ or ‘All Man’s Prey’. They don’t have Peel towers and Castles standing like the Armstrong and other powerful families, but they did leave their mark.
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