Clan Russell Crest

Russell Clan Crest

Russell Clan Crest

Crest Description: A goat Passant, holding in the month a thistle, Proper


Why are there different Russell Crests out there?

Wikkipedia shows the crest with the scales, we show the goat and it can also be the Cumming Crest (The lion).   Normally the Clan Crest is taken from the arms of the Chief but Russell does not have a chief. It is also not completely known where the family originated, one branch is known to have come from Ireland and then there is the Rozel who came up from England. There is more than one origin.

If you look in Blacks you’ll see pages of Russell who have arms – there are a lot of them.

Russell of Blackbraes in Stirlingshire show the goat eating the thistle and this is the most common crest shown. The Earls of Bedford used this crest:

Arms of JohnRussell’s 1st Earl Of Bedford. Notice the goat on top of the shield (this is the crest)

Next common is the demi lion which is the Cumming Connection.

Russell of Longridge in Lanarkshire is the dexter hand holding a skene dubh and on the point there of a pair of balances, all Proper. So the scales. There are many Russells who come from this area.

Russell from Lanarkshire.

In Aberdeenshire there were Russells who came from Rozel – an English baron who had fought at the siege of Berwick and the Battle of Halidon Hill in 1333, obtained an estate at Aden. He was known as chief of the name. I can’t find a description of his arms, if anyone knows this could they let me know (

A branch of these Russells claimed allegiance to Clan Cumming so wear the Cumming Crest (The lion with Courage).

So which one is correct for you? As a Russell you can where either one of these, if you have traced back to a specific branch – like the Longridge Russells you may prefer to wear the scales.





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