Clan Sinclair People

Henry Sinclair (b. circa 1360)
Henry Sinclair was a renowned traveller who is credited with discovering Greenland. He is also known to have voyaged as gar as the Americas, probably landing in Nova Scotia and Massachusetts.

sinclair_people_imgCol. George Sinclair (circa 1600)
Col. George Sinclair served as a mercenary soldier in Sweden. He was killed by local peasants while marching a contingent of men through Gudbrandsal in Norway. He became the subject of a famous Norwegian ballad, and of a dance tune by Grieg.

Sir John Sinclair (1754-1835)
Sir John Sinclair was one of the most advanced pioneers of scientific agriculture in British history. He was a strong influence on William Pitt and persuaded him to set up the 1st Board of Agriculture, with himself as the president.



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