Clan Thom(p)son Crest


Thom(p)son Clan Crest

Thom(p)son Clan Crest




Why we have this crest for the name Thomson

The first evidence of a crest we can find for the name Thomson is from the arms of Alexander Thomson, Bute Pursuivant (and therefore a Herald) registered arms on 01/07/1724, and for his crest had: A thistle proper, motto Pro patria.

As well as the crest from the arms of Alexander Thomson On the same page of the Register is John Thomson of Charlton (crest: A stag’s head erased proper, motto: Honestie is the best policie).
And also on the same page, Andrew Thomson, Advocate in Aberdeen (crest: A crane holding in its beak a twig of palm proper,motto: Curae cedit fatum – Fate yields to carefulness). Any of these could be used as the crest for the name Thomson. We have chosen to take the first from the Herald Alexander Thomson as it was the earliest and held more weight as he was a Herald.

Page from register showing the above arms and crests. Click on to view a PDF

Page from register showing the above arms and crests.
Click on to view a PDF

The Thom(p)son Society Crest

The Thom(p)son Society have registered a crest for the Society.  This can be worn by members of the Society but is not the crest of the Clan (as in can be worn by anyone of the name Thom(p)son).


This is a corporate crest of The Clan Thompson Society: Crest a Border Reiver on horseback Proper, and in an Escrol over the same this Motto ‘DENY US NOT’

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