Clan Urquhart People

urquhart_home_peopleSir Thomas Urquhart (1611-1660)
A child prodigy, he was a student at Kings College in Aberdeen by the age of eleven. He was responsible for publishing the Urquhart family tree and also a noted translation of Rabelais. He died in 1660, supposedly during a fit of laughter while celebrating the Restoration.

Capt. John Urquhart (b. 1696)
A man of great wealth, the origins of his fortune were shrouded in mystery, although he was known within the family as “the pirate”. He was recruited into the Spanish navy and probably amassed his fortune from prize money paid for capturing enemy vessels.

Major Bauchamp Urquhart (d.1898)
The last of the Meldrum Urquharts, he was a famous soldier. He was killed in the Sudan at the Battle of Atbara.

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