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Direlton Castle

Direlton Castle

The surname Vans actually originates from an early error when recording the name Vaus, and the u was mistaken for an n. However, it is not certain when this happened.

In 1467, the rents of the barons of Wigtownshire were retoured, and it was Robert the Vanss who was directed to do this.
There was (or possibly still is) an old family of Vans of Barnbarroch in Wigtownshire. The first person of this family was a nephew of William de Vaus of Direlton who, sometime around 1384, married an heiress of Barnbarroch. However, it seems that others of this name were in possession of Barnbarroch at an earlier date since there was a pardon granted, and witnessed, in 1307, asked for by Duncan MacDuel for Elyas de Vaus for murder.

In 1770, the surname was recorded as Vance.

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