Secrets of the ‘Barr’



Is this the premise for the latest Dan Brown thriller? Maybe it is the location of a vast Jacobite treasure horde or maybe even the secret of how Sean Connery delivered milk to half of Edinburgh every morning.

So what is this great secret…

Well in the words of the most recent advert, ‘It’s Fizzy, It’s Ginger, It’s Phenomenaaaal’

Yes Scotland’s most closely guarded secret is the formula for Irn Bru!

Once every month Robin Barr is locked into a sealed room in the bowels of the Barr factory in deepest darkest Cumbernauld – there using the secret formula he mixes the essence together that will be used for the next run of Scotland’s most popular soft drink. But Mr Barr is now 71 and he will be announcing his retirement at the companies next AGM.

So the time has come to select a new keeper of the secret – Most likely his daughter Julie who will from that day on be the company ‘Mixer’.

No doubt there will be a Hollywood film of this momentous handover, I guess Tom Hanks will be lined up to play the younger Mr Barr!

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One thought on “Secrets of the ‘Barr’

  1. Mark Barr

    Hello from Kingston, Ontario Canada. I my surname is Barr and I was born in Glasgow. I am getting married next September dnd would like to dress in the appropriate Barr tartan and all the rest. Can you send me images and information regarding the proper traditional regalia for my wedding? I will be most great full for any help.

    Mark Bart


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