About Us

Scotclans is a family run business. The site www.scotclans.com was set up by Sgian Dhu Interactive in 1995 as an information resource and as a means of selling It’s first CD Rom Title The Clans & Tartans of Scotland. This was the first ever Scottish History CD Rom title to be released. The site soon became a popular clan history resource achieving great popularity across the web.
In November 2003 Sgian Dhu Interactive was dissolved and one of the founding partners, Rodger Moffet took over the website and rebranded the business as ScotClans. in January of 2004 the new ScotClans website was launched. The original scotclans.com information was enhanced and extended and new shopping areas were added.

ScotClans has been setup with three key objectives:

1. To become a unique reference point for Scottish Clan information, to this end we have a policy of only sourcing information from verified print published sources. We do not gather information from other websites as the information in these cannot be verified.

2. To provide an unrivalled quality of service to customers and all others who come into contact with us; we will try to answer all enquiries when we can and to do our utmost to assist customers wherever possible.

3. To support Scottish manufacturers in our sector and to act responsibly within the Scottish Retailer and E-tailer community in general.

Since the launch of the site in 2004 the site has grown dramtically, Scotclans is now by far Scotland’s largest and most comprehensive Clan and Armigerous Family information site and the retail side of the business has grown to be one of the largest ranges of Scottish made products available anywhere. As the retail side has grown Scotclans has been able to fund more research on Clan information with staff dedicated to extending this part of the site.

The ScotClans Team:

Rodger Moffet – Owner
Rodger began working in multimedia in 1993 as a designer with Voice, the multimedia arm of the group that owned the Glasgow Herald. This was one of Scotland’s first professional new media companies and created initial web presences for many large blue chip companies. He formed the company that launched ScotClans in 2004 but left the business to work as a producer for a number of large Web companies with clients such as Audi AG, Volkswagen, RBS, Bank of Scotland, Standard Life etc.

When Rodger re-joined the business in 2004 he brought this high level industry experience into ScotClans.

Amanda Moffet – Creative Director
Amanda has been a professional web designer since 1998 and has worked for some of the top design & marketing companies in Edinburgh such as Dow Carter, The Union, Mercury Tide and AmberGreen. Amanda is also an expert in usability design and website marketing and has spearheaded ScotClans successful entry into social media.

Amanda is married to Rodger and they have two Children; Rowan and Harvey and a dog called Floyd

Margaret Moffet – Sales Manager
Margaret (Rodger’s sister) has been in the kilts & highlandwear business for around 20 years formerly working with Hector Russel and Edinburgh Woolen Mill as a store manager in one of the companies flagship branches. Margaret came to join the business in 2007 and has brought with her a wealth of experience and industry contacts.

Margaret is responsible for the sales and distrubution site of ScotClans and also looks after the customer service .

Floyd is the office dog – hes a Cocker Spaniel pup and is mostly involved in chewing!

ScotClans.com has been built by Iformis who are part of our extended family. If you have any questions about ScotClans then please feel free to contact us (just not all at once).