About Our Tartans









At ScotClans all of our tartan comes from the best Scottish Mills. We are able to offer such a wide range of tartan because we work with more than one mill. These mills are champions, protecting the values the industry was built on. Our tartan is not mass produced, it is produced with Scottish spirit, skill, history and passion.  So not just the most authentic but the best quality in the World.

Getting the right tartan

ScotClans are in a unique position working with Clan Societies and the mills. So we are the one place you can be assured to get the correct tartan.  There are thousands of tartans out there and people every day are designing new ones.  There has been many problems with wrong versions of tartans being woven from different parts of the world. This has caused much upset within the Clans who have been trying to safeguard their heritage.

The traditional craft of weaving tartan

All tartan is hand finished and checked.




Designing and registering your own tartan

We have assisted many people with designing and registering their own tartan.

Buying tartan from ScotClans

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