Stewart Stamp Series Issued by Royal Mail

Neil Oliver with the stamps

Neil Oliver with the stamps

A new series of stamps by the Royal Mail have been issued, depicting the Stewart monarchs who ruled Scotland between 1406 and 1603, the year of the Union of the Crowns.

The series starts with James I (1406-1437) and stops at James VI (1567-1603) who went on the become the king of England, uniting to the two kingdoms, after the death of Elizabeth I. Queen Mary, one of Scotland’s most famous monarchs, will also appear, in the series, and it will be her first time depicted on a stamp.

The series was launched by archaeologist and TV historian Neil Oliver at Stirling Castle. Along with images of seven of the nine Stewart monarchs, stamps representing significant events during this 200 year period, including the founding of the University of St Andrews in 1413 and an image of the religious leader John Knox will also feature.

Neil Oliver commented on the stamps, saying, “Mary, Queen of Scots is obviously the most famous and colourful of the Stewart monarchs and it is wonderful to see her represented on a stamp.

“I’m delighted that Royal Mail is helping bring history to life through its series of stamps celebrating the history of Britain’s Kings and Queens.”

The director of Scottish affairs for Royal Mail Group, Ian McKay, also commented: “These stamps will be popular with anyone who is interested in Scottish history and I hope they can add to the good work done by places like Stirling Castle to preserve and pass on Scotland’s heritage.”

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