Tartan Paint Now Available on ScotClans

scotclans-tartan-paint1After much waiting – we’ve finally done it – we proudly announce our brand new product – TARTAN PAINT! Exclusive to www.scotclans.com

Now available in just the modern colours, (we haven’t worked out how to do the ancient colours yet). A fantastic way to show everyone that you’re proud to be Scottish!

Why not just paint a feature wall? or even the kitchen table. This paint has so many uses.

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I run www.scotclans.com with Rodger Moffet. Live in Edinburgh and love travelling around Scotland gathering stories.

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8 thoughts on “Tartan Paint Now Available on ScotClans

  1. admin

    This was an April fools joke – we’ve had a couple of enquiries asking how much it costs and in what tartans.

    Also I also have to credit the original designer, it’s from Suedetess designs: http://suedetess.com

    • lawrence molloy


      This was funny, but I thought i would pass this on. I made Tartan Paint a couple of years ago while i was living in the North of Ireland. Feel free to pass on my details or link is someone really does want tartan paint. Only done it in my family tartan so far.

      Thought it might tickle you

      Lawrence Molloy

  2. Ian MacLean

    I know it’s a joke. I first shared it on Facebook a few years back. People ask me what tartan it is. I tell them it’s Campbell, as in Campbell’s canned soup/paint. But TBH, I havenae clue what tartan it actually is. Does onyone know?

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