The Beast of Duffus Caught on Camera


Big Cat at Duffus Castle

Big Cat at Duffus Castle

A couple and their 3 children were having a family day out at Duffus Castle on Easter Sunday when they caught sight a large panther-like black beast prowling out of the woodland. Craig and Angela from Lossiemouth managed to capture the cat on film.

Craig commented: “I have three house cats, so I know how big they are, and it was about twice the size of a normal cat,” … “It had broader shoulders and was far more muscular. Its ears were much bigger as well.”

The sighting has reignited the debate on the creatures which some say are pumas, leopards or lynx but which others maintain are figments of overactive imaginations.

Experts believe there are currently 40-100 big cats in Scotland with “hot spots” in Grampian and Fife, followed by Lothian and Strathclyde.

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4 thoughts on “The Beast of Duffus Caught on Camera

  1. Jason Finch

    There’s a debate raging on Scotster about some mysterious breed of big cat still living in Scotland, quite apart from Scottish Wildcats which are more akin to domestic cats in terms of size.

    A friend and I were atop An Dun in the Grampians and, on the large flat summit area, spotted something running a couple of hundred metres or so away along the exact line that a herd of deer had taken only moments before. It was too far away to see exactly what it was, but it was definitely big, had a long tail and looked from a distance just like a cougar. It ran like a big cat and was fast, too big to be a mountain hare and definitely not a fox.

    My first reaction to my friend was that it was a cougar. He told me not to be daft. We later thought maybe it was a Scottish Wildcat but then research showed these were much smaller and the large “thing” was definitely dark and ‘solid’ in colour not striped.

    Other Scotsters have since said they’ve seen similar large cat-like animals in the area, one just east of Dalwhinnie. There is *definitely* some kind of big cat in that area.

  2. daniel s

    hey i live down in east lothian and i have seen the thing twice at the same area both times and christ the thing moves rekon its a puma? aint to sure bu was bout 2.5-3ft tall , 5ft not inc tail and tail about 2.5 ft so was kinda bigger than a dog and had very destinctive big cat features, and i was approx 50 feet away from it as i was cycling at the time and wind was cuming towards me so wouldnt of picked up on my presence straight away and the light was fading

  3. AG

    This is similar to the Kellas Cats, same part of the world too?
    Doesn’t look like a true Big Cat, but maybe a wildcat hybrid, they do get incredibly big

  4. Lyon Rain

    AG is correct, this is a Kellas Cat. They are a hybrid species from Scottish Wildcats and domestic cats. They are not just black like panthers, they range in pattern as much as house cats do. They are not considered to be “Big Cats” as in Lions, Panthers, Tigers, and the like. But they are much larger than the average house cat.


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