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One thought on “The Fairy Bridge of Dunvegan

  1. Ellen June Krolikowski (Mac Gregor)

    At the age of 23 I traveled to Scotland and to the grave of Rob Roy. Was a full circle to tell my ansistors what I had become due there struggles and determination . I was pleasantly surprised to find he had died on my brothers birthday 28 dec. The day before mine 29 dec. I took a fifth of good whiskey and 3sweet Scott men to escort me back in time to the place I could feel home had come from. I lay next to the grave pouring drinks for Rob Roy n myself. Till the bottle was empty the boys were passed out in the car my journey complete except for one thing. The febal memorandum placed round the grave. To the Mac Gregory’s despite them. Hmmmmm Any way as an artist. I have to say there is something I’d like to do. Before I leave this earth. And that’s a monument I will place upon this site as my ansisters are worthy of. Some day. I’m 59 now. And have always felt the Mac Gregor blood running thru my vains. On the grave stone are 3 carved items. A broad sword. A circled spinning the 4directions and a wee man. I would love to hear more about these symbols. And in the future hope to arrive with a fitting. Memorial not to spite them but because of them. Would love suggestions for an appropriate stone carving to symbolize a proper tribute. Loving the very idea, June Krow


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