The Five Sisters of Kintail

Legend tells us the range of mountains called ‘The Five Sisters’ came into existance by the Grey Magician of Coire Dhunnid.

The local Chief had seven daughters, the youngest two of these were loved dearly by two Irish princes. A deal was agreed with the Chief that they would be allowed to marry his youngest daughters if the Princes would return to Ireland and get their five older brothers to travel back to Kintail to wed the five older sisters. A sort of package deal.

Unfortunately these two princes were caught in a viscious storm while at sea, their ship capsised and they were cast ashore.

The five sisters waited and waited, they asked the Grey Magician to extend their vigil and also to preserve their beauty into the after- life, he did this by casting a spell and turning them into the mountains that we see today.

The Five Sisters mountain range lies at the head of Loch Duich, at the western end of Glen Shiel.

Sgur Uran, the Clan MacRae slogan or war cry, is the name of the tallest peak in the Five Sisters mountain range.

The Five Sisters

The Five Sisters


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