The Haunted Road of Brahan

When we used to come camping as children we were told a story about a road that was close by, it was the most direct route to the campsite. The owners told us a different route to get to and from the campsite. When questioned about this road that looked like the most direct route my father was told ” we don’t ever use that road because it has a curse on it” and the owner proceeded to tell him a story about her husbands dad who was travelling along this road in a horse and cart.

He sees a man in cloak at the side of the road. The mysterious old man’s face is hidden behind the hood of the cloak, the old man accepts the kind offer of a lift but remains speechless, not uttering a word. His only communication is when he bangs his walking stick on the ground, once for the carridge to set off and twice on the carridge floor for it to stop.

As the cloaked man disembarks the carridge his cloak gets caught on a nail revealing a hooven foot.

It was decided ten years ago to build a bypass along this road. The process was cursed from the start, bad luck followed bad luck. Finally just a bolder stood in their way and the contractors were ordered to blow it up so the road could be finished. The contractors believing the bolder was cursed and refused. After weeks of waiting new contractors from London were found and the road was completed, but locals still believe it to be haunted and find alternate routes to travel on.

Haunted Road

Haunted Road

The road runs past the Seaforth Estate where the Seaforth Makenzie’s lived who were cursed by the Brahan Sear before he was put to death.


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