Meet the Kilt Makers


Amanda, is truly the godmother of the Kiltmakery.  Amanda owns and runs Scotclans with her Husband Rodger.  They have gathered a massive amount of Clan and Scottish family information to help you discover your Scottish heritage.

Having always sold kilts, Amanda had to find a new kiltmaker for ScotClans but was shocked to learn that there was only a small pool of traditionally trained kiltmakers left in Scotland and there was a real danger that this heritage craft was dying out.  Looking to find a course in the craft, to send ScotClans tailoress to learn traditional kiltmaking, she came across a course run by Nikki, you’ll find out more about her later😉.  After talking to Nikki about the craft Amanda was persuaded to take the Kiltmaking course herself.  It has now become her mission to save this dying craft.

Amanda has come from never picking up a needle before Nikkis course to becoming one of Scotlands finest kiltmakers.



Nikki is one of our time served kiltmakers with almost 30 years in the Kilt industry.  She is also our very own font of knowledge when it comes to the history of the kilt and tartan giving very informative and entertaining talks on the subject.  Her passion for the craft is highly infectious.

Not only does she sit and hand sew our kilts Nikki is also the Kiltmaking instructor here at the kiltmakery.  She has the pleasure of teaching all the lovely students that come through our doors and for some reason never want to leave lol.

Nikki has written the most comprehensive kiltmaking course and work book to make sure that this wonderful craft of ours will continue to grow and develop.


Meet the next generation



Murran and Zoe




Meet some of the wonderful Kiltmakers in our community


Siobhan, Wendy and Michelle



Christine, Hayley and Jacqueline



Graeme, the Auchinleck Armani


Carla and Lena


Want to join The Gang…..

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