The Mystery that Shows a Mutual Respect Between Native Americans and The Scots

Rich Gunn USA Clan Gunn President

Daryl Black Eagle Jamieson and Rich Gunn USA Clan Gunn President

Firstly can I introduce myself I am heriditary Clan Chief of the Pocasset Wampanoag Tribe Pokanoket Nation, otherwise known as  Daryl Black Eagle Jamieson Suki Wompsikuk (Black Eagle).   I live in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, and have long known about my combined Native American and Scottish Ancestry.   My surname is Scottish and even have red haired relatives on my Father’s side of the family.  A few years ago I did a DNA test, this came back with a high percentage of Scottish, Irish and Scandinavian, this did knock me sideways – I’m a Chief from a long line of Chiefs, how is this possible?.    My Mother’s side of the family were Boyds and we also have Fergussons .  My Jamieson ancestor looks like it possibly goes back to the 1700s with a John Jamieson.

As well as being a police constable  I am a drummer and am often on the trail, here I meet so many people who have a similar story, they too have Native American and Scottish ancestry, this has always been of interest to me.  We are all living proof of how our ancestors really did unite.  People can think the colonists were separate and it was a constant battle, but many were welcomed in by my people and other tribes.

The biggest war we had was King Philip’s War, sometimes called The First Indian War (1675-1676).  It was a battle for survival.   The war is named for the main leader of the Native American side, Metacom, who had adopted the English name “King Philip”.  This in my opinion was the deadliest of wars, my ancestors were fighting for their lives.   So knowing this was the climate early settlers from Scotland would have settled on this land and the many stories and mysteries we have in Scottish legend and in my Native American ancestry is of great interest.

Some mysteries go back a lot further, the most famous of which is The Westford Knight.  an engraved stone of a Medieval Knight holding the shield.  On the shield is engraved the Coat of Arms of the Gunn Family.

chalk outline showing The Wexford Knight - photo from1954

chalk outline showing The Wexford Knight – photo from1954

The legend recounts how a Scottish Chief of the Clan Gunn, Sir James Gunn visited Westford, Massachusetts accompanied by Henry Sinclair of Orkney.  His expedition to the New World took him to what is now America, the land of my ancestors some ninety years before Columbus claimed to have discovered America.

The effigy of a mediaeval Knight in armour is reputed to be Sir James Gunn.

The two sailed to Massachusetts to what is Westford Massachusetts now on the highest hill by a small inland tributary.  Somewhere around that Hill James Gunn died and a stone was inscribed with the Clan Gunn Coat of Arms and a knight with a broken sword. This was in the land of the Massachuset Indians bordering Pennacook Land.



As part of their travels these Scottish explorers lived with the Mic Mac Indians and built a small encampment.  They then travelled  through other tribal lands .  The  Mic Mac guide probably carried Wampum beads from his nation as an ambassador to travel to our lands. The tribespeople do not like people travelling through their territories.

The Micmac Indians

The Mic Mac Indians

There is no evidence to say that Henry Sinclair did indeed go on this trip but this is a story commonly told and still celebrated to this day. Henry Sinclair was also known as ‘Glooscap’ to the Native Americans.  Clan Sinclair hold a yearly celebration of this.  Interestingly the Sinclair flag is very similar to that of the Mic Mac Indians.

Some believe a vital piece of evidence sadly got destroyed. In the 1800s an upright buriel of an  individual wearing medieval armour was discovered.  Warriors in some ancient societies were buried in an upright position.   It was right along the Taunton River in the town of Fall River, in Bristol County, Massachusetts.  To this day no one knows who it was.  After the body was recovered the story says it was burned in a fire.  The only thing that remains is a diagram.    Find out more >

Reports of the mystery of the  upright buriel.

Reports of the mystery of the upright buriel.

Another mystery is ‘The Boat Stone’ this is thought to be the marker of a medieval grave.  It shows a 14th century sailing vessel.

The Boat Stone.  Could this show pre-Columbus explorers?

The Boat Stone. Could this show pre-Columbus explorers?


The group later travel to Narraganset Bay what is now Newport deep in the heart of the Pokanoket Nation and built a tower. This is now called the Newport Tower which has been the subject of the Freemason History. In September 2014 the New Hampshire Highland Games in Lincoln NH has the biggest Games on East Coast.  This is very close to the Westford Knight,  a 5-6 hour journey.


Newport Tower 1894

Newport Tower 1894

How much of this story is true we’ll probably never know but it is a story that really entwines Native Indians and the Scots and in doing so shows a mutual respect.

Back in 2014 I was privileged to attend a ceremony at the Westford Knight with the now Chief of Clan Gunn, Iain Gunn, at the time he was Clan Commander and was later made Chief, the first Chief for more than 230 years.

Clan Gunn Society of North America President Rich Gunn Annual General Meeting with Commander Ian Gunn of Scotland Clan Gunn with wife Bunty Gunn 2014 with Canadian Clan Gunn Hosted By Dean Bulpett Yankee Commissioner

Clan Gunn Society of North America President Rich Gunn Annual General Meeting with Commander Iain Gunn of Scotland Clan Gunn with wife Bunty Gunn 2014 with Canadian Clan Gunn Hosted By Dean Bulpett Yankee Commissioner



It was Clan Gunn North America’s Annual Meeting. Iain Gunn and his wife Bunty came to the New Hampshire Highland Games. We had a general meeting of the Clan and Sunday then  traveled to Massachusett’s to see the Westford Knight inscription.  Accompanying us was the author David S. Brody who wrote Cabal of the Westford Knight, a fictional story based on the historical mysteries in Westford.

As part of the ceremony I presented lain Gunn and Rick Gunn with a warriors necklace and Ian & Bunty with Traditional Necklaces from our Nation.

So mysteries from the past are still bringing us together.

Commander Ian Gunn and Wife Bunty Gunn with Clan Gunn NA President Rich Gunn with Myself and my Son Warren Ousamequin Jamieson on our way to the Westford Knight in Westford Massachusetts 2014

Commander Ian Gunn and Wife Bunty Gunn with Clan Gunn NA President Rich Gunn with Myself and my Son Warren Ousamequin Jamieson on our way to the Westford Knight in Westford Massachusetts 2014


At Newport Tower

Daryl and XXX


14 thoughts on “The Mystery that Shows a Mutual Respect Between Native Americans and The Scots

  1. Carlin Knight

    In 1997 I attended the Triennial Gathering of the Clan Gunn along with my husband, my mother Edith Gunn Moore, my step-father, and my granddaughter, Jessica, We attended a lovely reception at the home of then Commander Iain and Bunty Gunn. What wonderful host and hostess they were! We also took a pre- and post-gathering tour with the North American Clan Gunn Society and viewed the story of the Westford (or Wexford) Knight at the Clan Gunn Museum. This article was an eye-opener! The power of DNA to be able to link the Scottish and Native American ancestries is fascinating and the legends having been passed down in both families in American and Scotland! It was wonderful to learn that Commander Iain has at long last been named Clan Chief! Thank you so much for publishing this blog on Facebook. It brought back so many wonderful memories of our marvelous time in Scotland. Carlin Knight

  2. Mary Jane Vandale Wood

    McKee, Shawnee in PA and Augusta VA, Gillespie/Gillispie/ Galaspy in VA, McElwee in VA, Blake, and more.

    • Larry Kincaid

      Dear Mary Jane,
      I would like to know more about your web posting in 2016. It’s so brief. I especially interested in McKee, Shawnee in PA and Augusta VA because I am related to McKee’s in Scotland and PA, as well as Augusta VA. I may have some Native American DNA as well, which is why I’m reading this web site. Larry Kincaid

      Mary Jane Vandale Wood January 29, 2016 at 12:11 am
      McKee, Shawnee in PA and Augusta VA, Gillespie/Gillispie/ Galaspy in VA, McElwee in VA, Blake, and more.

  3. Graham Howard

    I am a member of Clan Gunn, through my mother, Helen Elizabeth Wilson; and belong to the Scottish Society of Greater Bloomington, The Westford Knight is part of our heritage, and we are proud of our new Chief Iaian Gunn (and his wife Bunty) – the first in 230 years. Although Caucasian, I have been active in the Native American pow wow circuit from the 1960’s to today.
    I was lucky enough to be mentored by Elders in the Kiowa, the Ponca, and the Delaware, and have always been interested in the similarity between the two cultures. Many tribes are alike to the Scots in custom, organization, and use of spiritual beliefs.

    The Scots have always been known for their belief and action in: 1) Freedom. 2) Assimilation in other cultures rather than
    conquering their land. 3) Education 4) And the use of manners – such as always following the Lords words in Revelation, “Here I am. I knock on the door………… ” This particular custom is paramount among most native families. In many states, and when I am introduced they invite me in and share a meal with me. This is also Christian custom in many Scottish families. And, if I may be bold, when a Scot gives his word he will do anything not to break it, because this is is true self.

    I dance Scottish Country Dances with two Ferguson’s. They are both active in the Vocational Technical Educational system.

    Heritage leaves us all wondering. Besides my DNA being Scandinavian, and English,as I expected, another gene showed up – Circassian. This line goes all the way back to the Black Sea in the Ukraine. When I said to myself….impossible ! I remembered that in
    Scottish Ceilidh dancing we dance one called “Circassian Waltz “. Now how did they migrate, as Muslims, to Scotland and how
    did they fit in ? Like you, I wonder, but accept what is.

    • Kenneth James Wilson

      Regarding your DNA which includes a Black Sea and Ukraine strain, It is known that the Vikings raided and traded down the rivers of the Dnieper and the Danube down to the Black Sea and into the Near East. A Viking called Russ the Norseman established a trading post on the Dnieper which is said to have become a Principality which became the first Capital of Russia Known as Kiev, there are disputes over this as the Russ became the name of the people at first, however, what is probably certain is that the Vikings on their travels down these rivers would have had relations with those people and even took them back to Scandinavia either as wives or slaves, it is possible that is how you acquired that result in your DNA.

  4. Ray McHatton

    Thank you sir for a truly great read !!! I devour this stuff like a good meal. Hope to see you up at Quechee Vermont on the 25th August. I will be at the combined Clan Chattan / Clan Mackintosh tents.

  5. Kenneth James Wilson

    Hi my name is Ken Wilson, I am second generation English, my Father told me my Grandfather came from the very north of Scotland and was a shepherd, he moved from Scotland to Yorkshire in the late 1800’s he died young around 44ish of a hernia, his name was James Wilson a name I gave my youngest son, before I actually found out what my Grandfathers name was after the death of my own Father. I deduced from the area he came from that I was a member of the Clan Gunn, I have always felt from reading their history that I and my beliefs in many things totally co-inside with the clan. The reason I am writing this is that I read a history of the clan in America and that the Gunn’s were related to the Sinclair’s by marriage.
    . The clan Gun been known to have been great sailors in the time of the Vikings and after that a plan was agreed with the Sinclair’s to sail to the new world, or should I say Vineland, which had been known since early Viking times.
    I have just been watching a series on Sky called “The Curse of Oak Island” and one of the items they found was a lead crucifix from the 14th century and is believed to be a Templar icon. The Sinclair’s are known to be Templar’s and it is said that much of the Templar’s missing treasures went to Scotland, Rosland Chapel being notorious as a Sinclair place where Templar treasure is buried and was given into the care of the Sinclair’s, it is also said that their destination was to “Oak Island” before they moved further into the interior of Massachusetts. It is said that they buried Templar treasure their and planted the Oak trees which were not indigenous to that region.
    I am seventy one now and I can’t remember the name of the Author of that History except that he is a prolific American writer on the history of the Clan Gunn for which I apologise for not remembering his name’ any way thank you for your patience, this is the first time I have written anything about my Clan Gunn.

  6. Steve Sokol

    I have read that there was Some Jewish indicators in blood from East Coast Indians that also marked Scotland. Is there any information within this group that could support that?? We are talking very far back. Aside: there is a well proven connection of Jews in Southwestern Indian tribe. That is traceable to escaping the Spanish Inquisition and then pushed all the way across the country..

  7. Peter Wiggin

    Just happened across this site. Perhaps also of interest to Daryl Black Eagle Jamieson Suki Wompsikuk (Black Eagle) and followers here might be, “Sinclear’s Reach”. It is shown just below the Oxbow on the 1793 Map of the Town of Stratham by Phineas Merrill. Also on the same map is Quabaog Lane leading from R. Sinclear’s house on the river to the Country Way. John & James Sinclair’s history begins and is well documented here post 1650. I suppose they could have settled on lands previously known to their more ancient ancestors ?

  8. Marj I Winter

    My gt gt grandpa was Alexander John Wilson born 8 July 1812, Halifax, Nova Scotia. On his DC it states his father was James Wilson (dock builder,master) and mother Margaret Harper. I have been searching for this couple and for James’ (and Margaret’s) father and grandfather- possibly Alexander or John as Scottish naming patterns were big in the descendants. History has it that one of the forebears married a Cree. The Wilsons may have been around NY or Massachusetts long before going to British North America – I believe at least 1650 to 1780. I have no males left in my family to provide a DNA test so am really struggling a bit. Alexander John named his last little girl after her grandmother – Margaret Harper – but the 2nd last child was named Mary Bristol and this name isn’t anywhere in the family or extended family. I did find a lot of surname Bristol in Massachusetts and Pennsylvania but can’t make a connection anywhere. I don’t know where the Wilsons came from but seeing Alexander went to Aberdeen, Scotland just before 1843 and married, then I assume my Wilsons came from Scotland. Alexander apparently was very traditional and had strong familial ties to there according to my gt. grandpa, although no forebears by 1843. I know the name Wilson is associated with Clan Gunn so just thought I’d ask if anyone may have heard of this family. I have a sepia baby photo of my gt. grandpa’s son wearing his father’s tartan, but have been unable to find out what it is due to being sepia. If anyone is able to help me at all, I’d be most appreciative of the help. I realize I may be clutching at straws here, so I do apologize in advance..

  9. Jim

    I find the Scottish connection fascinating but would like to hear the Chief address his African-American ancestry. There’s got to be an interesting story there too!

  10. Matthew David Landberg

    My maternal grandfather Douglas Earl Harrison (i.e from Clan Gordon) had some Native American blood in him and was wondering which tribe or nation it would have been? And he also had African American blood in him too!


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