The physical difference between the average Scot and English man.

englishman irishman & scotsman

englishman irishman & scotsman

I came across this article in an old copy of Celtic monthly : a magazine for Highlanders (1893). An article by J. G. MACKAY, Portree looks at the physical differences between the average Scot and Englishman. Thought I’d share it:

“It is long since I noticed in the course of business that the sizes of hats suitable for Scotland are much larger than for England. The Scottish head is long, the English head is round. Any gentleman fitting on a felt hat can see this for himself, those hats being made on English

blocks are too short and too broad for Scottish heads. I was interested to see a quotation from the postal workers organ, in which it is stated, that the ” Characteristics of the London postman are, small heads, and big feet,” and that the measurements for postmen’s clothing reveals the fact, “that the size of head increases the further they go north, Inverness-shire having the biggest average. The sizes for Scotland are altogether bigger than England. While in England, Carmarthanshire in Celtic Wales, works out the highest, next comes the counties nearest Scotland, while in Devonshire the people are noted for the roundness of their heads, which has earned for them the sobriquet, of Devonshire dumplings.

The feet, again, in Scotland are broader and shorter, with the bridge more arched, which gives them more spring and makes them more suitable for hill climbing.”

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One thought on “The physical difference between the average Scot and English man.

  1. Danny

    Seems a bonnet or Balmoral fits my big brain better than a boler for sure. YDNA tells me I’m a true son of Somhairle but I definately inherited “celtic feet” via grandfather and father without question. In school your average Sassanach often refered to me as “elephant toes” – finally I was told by a shoe salesman that being as my foot was “square” with my big toe and 2nd toe the same length, and the 3rd almost as long with quite high arches…”like an elephant” I had always been puzzled by this because an 8 and 1/2 triple E (US)is shorter and much broader than the usual anglo hobbit feet…. Anyway I was in the Army before I had some shoes that would fit. It is my understanding that British doctors during WW II remarked on how many highlanders when laid low or hospitalized had “Celtic Toe”. Well, enough about me and my feet…good to know they are dependable in an uphill climb. Slainte Mhor. Daniel


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