The Kind Scottish Wulver

The Wulver

The Wulver

Wulvers are ofter called werewolves, but legend shows they are quite different. Said to inhabit the Shetland Islands to the north of the Scottish mainland. The ancient Celts believed that the Wulver evolved from wolves, and that the Wulver symbolizes the in-between stage of man and wolf. With the head of a wolf, the body of a man, and covered in short brown hair, the Wulver lives alone in a cave. Unlike his werewolf brethren, the Scottish Wulver is considered kindhearted, and he will often guide lost travelers to nearby towns and villages. There are also tales of Wulvers leaving fish on the windowsills of poor families.

The Wulver was frequently spotted fishing for its daily meal from a rock dubbed, ‘The Wulver’s Stane’ (Wolf Stone), and as long as he was left alone, a Wulver showed no aggression. Habitually, this peace-loving creature demonstrated a benevolent side as well, and oft-times was observed leaving extra fish on the windowsill of poor families.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much documentation on the elusive Wulver, the last reported sighting being in the early twentieth century. Considering there are few bad stories connected with the beast, many believe an encounter providential, and may lead a person to treasure buried amongst ancient ruins. Conversely, others view Wulver sightings as omens of imminent death.

The Wulver has two legs and is hal human unlike a werewolf

The Wulver has two legs and is hal human unlike a werewolf

Werewolf tales abound, cloaked in terror, wonder and ill will. Therefore, if ever you find yourself lost on the fog-shrouded shores of the Shetland Isles, you’d do well to pray the benign Wulver finds you first, and guides you safely home.


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4 thoughts on “The Kind Scottish Wulver

  1. Caireen Christie

    I have a relative that fit s this description. My mum’s been a fisherman’s widow for nearly 30 years and if he comes home without a salmon then all hell breaks loose…

    Apart from that fact I absolutely love these stories, so thanks!

  2. Shirley Black

    I came across this site when I was told of a siting of what could possibly have been a wulver, it was an account which beggars belief but having seen this site now has me wondering if the account may indeed have been more accurate than I dared to think possible.
    Food for thought !

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