The world’s most expensive kilt?

holland-sherry11Pebbles based company Holland and Sherry are in the process of weaving what will be one of the worlds most expensive tartans. The tartan is to be woven from 100% Mongolian cashmere. This extraordinary fabric will cost around £200 a metre to the trade so it’s estimated that a kilt made in this tartan would set you back around £3,000!

The tartan which was designed to reflect the colours of the local countryside will be unveiled at the up-coming ‘Dressed to Kilt’ show in New York and will definately be aimed at the top end of the market. Our resident kiltmaker is already looking forward to making her first £3,000 kilt (and presumably being taken out to dinner by the bloke who can afford it!).

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2 thoughts on “The world’s most expensive kilt?

  1. Jennifer Montgomery

    I really had no idea how Scottish I am until this year. So naturally I’ve taken up an interest in tartans and kilts. I guess I won’t be sporting this one any time soon though. Honestly I thought the name Montgomery was French. And it was… until it was Scottish. But then not really French though. If I’m ever there I’ll swing by the shop.


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