The Worlds Oldest Sheep Has Died!

Baahhh Humbug!

Baahhh Humbug!

At the grand old age of 25 years and 11 months a sheep nicknamed Methuselina has died!

Just a month short of her 26th birthday the ewe lived on a small croft on the island of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides. 25 might not seem old to you and me but in sheep years this is prehistoric! her nearest rival was an Australian sheep called Lucky who was a relative youngster at 23 when she recently joined the great flock in the sky.

It would appear though that Methuselina  met a rather tragic end. She as discovered at the bottom of a cliff so it would suggest she fell while grazing near the cliff edge. Unfortunately her fame will be short lived as the sheep’s owner Mr Maciver had never applied to the Guinness book of records for recognition for his ewe.

RIP Methuselina!


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