Top 10 Tartan Fails

#1 Anything in Scotland’s Commonwealth Tartan

Unpopular Commonwealth Tartan

Unpopular Commonwealth Tartan

Scotland’s uniform of for the Commonwealth Games was widely ridiculed. There was even a petition set up which gained hundreds of signatures calling for it to be replaced. The press called it ‘shocking’ lurid tartan.

#2 Oh those poor Currie Brothers

The Currie Brothers are a popular vocal and multi-instrumental group based in Milngavie, Glasgow, Scotland. They just had quite a fantastic album cover.

#3 Tartan Families

Can usually be found lurking around the house at Christmas time.

#4 That Tartan Onesie

Worn by one of Union J

#5 Tartan Ga Ga

Speaks for itself

#6 Tartan Tastic Interiors

There is a line one should not cross

#7 Tartan in the 60s

What’s with the rabbit?

#7 Tartan Pants


#8 Tartan Pets


#9 Elton John


#10 Bay City Rollers


and one for luck…

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One thought on “Top 10 Tartan Fails

  1. Rosemarie

    Those are by far the worse use of tartan material I have had the misfortune of seeing. Egads!! that was gross to look at but funny truth be told, thanks for the laugh


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