Top 5: Last Minute Gift Ideas

For those of you stuck for Christmas gift ideas, here’s a roundup of items over in our store at that are in stock and ready to ship now! The final cut off date for Royal Mail Airmail is this coming Friday for orders going to Canada, America and Western Europe. However we would highly recommend selecting the FedEx shipping option as Airmail can slow down this close to Christmas. Happy browsing!

1 –  Aran Knit Cable Top Hose

Kilt Hose

Our wonderful hose maker Mrs Allen is retiring and clearing out her stock, so we have a few pairs of these fabulous kilt hose left and available at a great price. The hose are hand made and of the highest quality – they’re guaranteed to keep you warm this winter! Available in cream and black. Be in quick – once they’re gone that’s it! We’ve also got our top selling Stretch Kilt Hose ready to go now too – we hear they also make excellent walking socks!

2 – Luckenbooth Brooch

Luckenbooth Brooch

One of our favourite items in our store, the Luckenbooth Brooch, so called because of its sale from ‘locked booths’ on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile. These brooches were traditionally gifted by a young man to his betrothed and subsequently pinned to the shawl of the first baby to protect from evil spirits. Made in pewter to a traditional design, this brooch is approx. 41mm high.

3 – Tea Towels

Tea Towels

We’ve got a load of lovely tea towels available in our store, including these clan crest designs that are made right here in Scotland. They’re 100% cotton, and would also be ideal for framing or hanging. Check out our complete range by clicking the links below:

Clan Crest
Map of Scotland
Wha’s Like Us? Scottish Inventions
Traditional Scottish Recipes
Souviner Scotland Map
Scottish Toasts and Verses
Legends of Scotland
Auld Scots Words
Amazing Grace
Scottish Town Crest Map
Country Flowers of Scotland

 4 – Celtic Dress Sgain Brew

Sgian Brew

This unique alternative to the classic Sgian Dubh features a bottle opener in place of the usual blade, offering you a safe alternative, as well as a handy tool for opening your favourite beverages. With a stunning celtic knot handle the Sgian Brew will still look the part once secured in your kilt hose. If you’re after the real thing, we also have this fantastic economy Sgain Dubh available to ship now.

5 – Clan Mini Books

Clan Mini Books

Finally, here’s a perfect stocking filler or secret santa gift. These great little books give you a potted history of your clan – illustrated with famous McIan paintings of the highland chiefs.


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