Unfortunate Spelling error, reads ‘Welcome to Penis Island’ in Gaelic

oops :-)

oops 🙂

A newly erected sign (sorry for this awful pun) had the Gaelic community in stitches today.  A Gaelic spelling error means the first thing visitors to the isle of Bute see is a big sign saying, ‘Welcome to Penis Island’.
For the record, Bute, in the Firth of Clyde, is not known for the number or size of the penises to be found there.
A missing accent on the sign changed Bhòid meaning Bute to “Bod” – Gaelic for penis.

Facebook user Coinneach Combe wrote: ‘What a mess. They had one job..’
Isle of Bute Councillor Len Scouller said, ‘It makes us look bloody stupid.
‘I’m not a Gaelic speaker but I would apologise to people who are Gaelic speakers and we will rectify it right away.
‘It’s beside the pier, it’s where people are walking off the ferry. It’s welcoming people to the island.
‘I’m sure it’s the big sign the council put up many, many years ago. It would probably be about 9 years ago, the exact day I don’t remember.

Wonder if they’ll keep it?


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