You ‘Garter’ get it from us!

Wee Team

Wee Team

We had a phone call from a stressed bride-to-be today (not an unusual occurrence) Shed been in a kiltmakers on Edinburgh’s Royal mile and had asked about having a tartan garter made up in her own tartan. When she asked where she might be able to obtain such an item the rather dour shop assistant said; “If anyone can get it that crowd down in Leith can!”

Needless to say they were referring to us, “that crowd” indeed!

Its nice to know our reputation precedes us.

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2 thoughts on “You ‘Garter’ get it from us!

  1. Kieran Fey

    Hi. I need to try to get a silk tartan garter in the pringle tartan for a friends wedding. Is this possible and how much would it cost?


  2. amandamoffet


    I’m afraid you can’t get the pringle tartan in silk or wool.

    The pringle tartan is a restricted tartan, it’s not one we can get hold of.

    The ones we offer are:
    There’s a choice of 500 tartans, but it’s wool and pringle isn’t available.

    The only thing you could do – to make a clan garter is add a small Pringle clan badge to an existing garter:

    Best wishes for your friends wedding


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