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Introducing our Highland Cooshion Cover. Available in any of the mill's stock woven tartans. The Highland Cow is made from 100% wool tartan, woven in the Scottish borders. 
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At ScotClans we have gathered a massive amount of Clan and Scottish Family information to help you discover your Scottish Heritage.  You just have to travel around Scotland to see endless clues to our history, castles, graveyards tell tales, some obvious, some hidden only being revealed as layers are pulled back.  We  have put together over 350 Clan & Family areas where we have maps, galleries and have gathered stories and news.  Go to your Clan area >>

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Tartan Ties

This gents tartan tie has been a top seller for many years. The great range of tartans makes it popular with clan gatherings and tie collectors alike. Made with 100% pure new wool.  Wear your tartan proudly.  
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Your Scottish Roots

Need help tracing your Scottish Ancestry? We've been building up resources to help.  From understanding coats of arms to finding out about DNA testing.
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Energising the Clans

From running workshops on Clans and Social Media in the USA to Clan Information stalls at Highland Games.  We're committed to energising the clans.  Find out what we've been up to >>

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We have gathered the largest range of Clan Crest products available from Scotland.  A lot of these are made in house at our office in Edinburgh.
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We spend every free moment travelling around Scotland, gathering stories, taking photos. Take a look at Scotland's Story >>Scotlands Story

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At ScotClans we have by far the largest range of Clan merchandise. Hundreds of products in your Clan/Family Crest and tartan.
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Scottish Clans Kindle Book

Our kindle book has over 300 Clans & families. Discover the events that have shaped your Clan and hear about the people who form part of your Scottish ancestry.

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Latest Scottish Clans Blogs from ‘Bletherskite’

At ScotClans we collect Scottish stories, often about Scottish Clans. Whether they are from the mists of Scotland’s past to recent news from the Scottish diaspora. Read our blogs here.


Earliest Evidence shows that Scotland was inhabited 14,000 years ago

At Howburn Farm in South Lanarkshire, a scattering of flints, discovered by the Biggar Archaeology Group, turned out to be the earliest evidence found of human habitation in Scotland. The flints have been dated between 12,000 and 14,000 B.C. The implements are about 4cm in length, and as many as 40,000 fragments have been uncovered so far. This discovery has changed the previous belief that Palaeolithic man had't travelled further north ...
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The Auction of one Drunken Wife in the Grassmarket, Edinburgh

A wonderful story from a broadside (early version of a newspaper) from 1828, about a man who was auctioning off his drunken wife at the Grassmarket in Edinburgh. Details of the extraordinary auction are held by the National Library of Scotland in its vast collection of broadsides, single newsheets which were distributed or pinned up around towns and cities. These were the tabloids of the time. Mary Mackintosh was brought ...
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The Eagle Stone

Hugh Munro and the Eagle

Near the highland town of Dingwall sits the village of Strathpeffer, A collection of attractive houses. surrounded by impressive mature trees. A quaint victorian railway station, no longer used, gives away the village’s past as a popular spa destination - the nearby grand old hotel is another sign of a now faded glory. Nestling among the houses on a quiet hillside there is a small fenced off patch of grass, ...
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