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At ScotClans we have gathered a massive amount of Clan and Scottish Family information to help you discover your Scottish Heritage.  You just have to travel around Scotland to see endless clues to our history, castles, graveyards tell tales, some obvious, some hidden only being revealed as layers are pulled back.  We  have put together over 350 Clan & Family areas where we have maps, galleries and have gathered stories and news.  Go to your Clan area >>

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Need help tracing your Scottish Ancestry? We've been building up resources to help.  From understanding coats of arms to finding out about DNA testing.
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From running workshops on Clans and Social Media in the USA to Clan Information stalls at Highland Games.  We're committed to energising the clans.  Find out what we've been up to >>

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We have gathered the largest range of Clan Crest products available from Scotland.  A lot of these are made in house at our office in Edinburgh.
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We spend every free moment travelling around Scotland, gathering stories, taking photos. Take a look at Scotland's Story >>Scotlands Story

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At ScotClans we have by far the largest range of Clan merchandise. Hundreds of products in your Clan/Family Crest and tartan.
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Our kindle book has over 300 Clans & families. Discover the events that have shaped your Clan and hear about the people who form part of your Scottish ancestry.

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Latest Scottish Clans Blogs from ‘Bletherskite’

At ScotClans we collect Scottish stories, often about Scottish Clans. Whether they are from the mists of Scotland’s past to recent news from the Scottish diaspora. Read our blogs here.


Flight Lieutenant Wallace McIntosh – RAF 207th Lancaster Bombers

By Ray Hatton Clan Mackintosh of North America Flight Lieutenant Wallace McIntosh was considered the most successful WW2 air gunner in Bomber Command, having downed eight enemy aircraft during his career with the RAF. In a single mission the day after D-Day, he took down three German night fighters, which were radar-retrofitted, and much coveted targets. The Early Years McIntosh entered the world in a barn in Aberdeenshire in March ...
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85th Anniversary of St Kilda being evacuated

August 29th is the 85th anniversary of the last people leaving St Kilda.  For most people, St Kilda is remote and mysterious, a windswept outcrop in the North Atlantic which against all odds supported human habitation for more than 2,000 years (some say this is more like 4,000 years).  This lonely island sits in the outermost reach of the Outer Hebrides, 110 miles off the west coast of Scotland. Cut-off by ...
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The Sword of Donald Robertson of Woodsheal

A report by Paul Macdonald, Swordmaker Further to presenting a talk at Culloden House in April of this year on the topic of Scottish Swords of Legend, I was advised that the Clan Donnachaidh Museum housed a sword with Culloden provenance. As this was on the return route to Edinburgh, stopping in to study the sword was a natural choice. Upon viewing the sword, I was struck by certain manufactured ...
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