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James MacPherson

James MacPherson (c. 18th century)
Issued what purported to be translations from Gaelic poetry supposedly composed by Ossian, the son of Fingal, in the third century. They were later proved to be one of the biggest hoaxes of the time.

Sir Aenas MacPherson (1644-1705)
A lawyer and historian of note, the left many important papers concerning the affairs of the clan. He led a life of high adventure as a Jacobite agent, being imprisoned on many occasions.

John MacPherson (1876-1955)
Author of “Tales of Barra Told by the Coddy”, a unique record of the art of a bilingual Hebridean.

Margaret MacPherson (b.1908)
Childrens author, her works include “Battle of the Braes” and “The Boy on the Roof”.