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Sir Joseph John Thomson, (1856-1940)
Physicist who discovered the Electron in 1897. Nobel Prize winner for Physics in 1906.
Robert William Thomson

Robert William Thomson, (1822-73)
Born in Stonehaven, Robert Thomson was a Civil Engineer and expert on blasting. He was also an inventor. Designed improved machinery for making sugar in Java, invented a mobile steam crane and in 1845 the first pneumatic rubber tyre, but it was considered a curiosity and not developed, India rubber being very expensive at that time. He was also the inventor of a dry dock and fountain pen.

Thomas Thomson, (1773-1852) of Crieff
Chemist. When making investigations into brewing and distillation, he invented the instrument known as Allan’s Saccharometer.

Thomas Thomson, (1817-78) of Glasgow.
Surgeon and Naturalist. Discovered pectic acid in carrots.