Clan Aikenhead People & Places

Clan Aikenhead People

Mother Mary Frances Aikenhead (19 January 1787 – 22 July 1858)

Mary Aikenhead

Mary was born in Daunt’s Square off Grand Parade, Cork, Ireland. She was the founder of the Catholic religious institute, the Religious Sisters of Charity, and of St. Vincent’s Hospital in Dublin.

Thomas Aikenhead (c. March 1676 – 8 January 1697)

Thomas Aikenhead

A Scottish medical student from Edinburgh, who was prosecuted and executed at the age of 20 on a charge of blasphemy. He was the last person in Britain to be executed for blasphemy. This was 85 years after the death of Edward Wightman (1612), the last person to be burned at the stake for heresy in England.