Clan Aiton History

Ayton Castle, Berwickshire

The name is variant of Ayton which derives from the lands of Ayton (the town on the river Eye) in Berwickshire. Steffan, son of Swan de CEitun granted a charter of the lands of Wytefeld to the Priory of Coldingham in 1170 or thereabouts. Dolfinus de eit’ and HeI de eitun were witnesses to a charter by Waltheus, earl of Dunbar c 1166, and Elya de Eytone and Stephen de Eytona witnessed a charter by Patrick, 1st earl of Dunbar (1189-99).

In 1440, Mark of Aytoune, a merchant of Leith (near Edinburgh) had safe conduct to trade in England. Andrew Athone was rector of Spot in 1527, and Andrew Athoun of Dunmur was a witness in 1549.

In the fifteenth century the lands of Ayton passed to George de Home, remaining in that family until 1716 when they were forfeited for rebellion.

In the fourteenth century the name Aytoun is found in Fife when John Aytoun had a charter of the lands of Over Pittadie and from him are descended the Aytouns of Inchdairnie.

Ayton CastleAyton Castle, Scottish Borders