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Neil Miller Gunn

Neil Miller Gunn (1891-1973)
Neil M Gunn was born in Dunbeath, Caithness, and spent time working in London and Edinburgh before becoming a Highlands Excise Officer in 1911.

He took up writing seriously in 1922 and his first novel, “The Grey Coast” was published in 1926. He followed this with “Morning Tide” in 1931, his most acclaimed work.

After the publication of “Highland River” in 1937 his income from writing was sufficient for him to leave his civil service job, which was just as well with his duplicitous nationalist activities.

Among his many interests were whisky, Zen, nationalism and Highland folklore, all of which are ingredients within his writing. The last Neil M Gunn novel was “The Other Landscape”, published in 1954. Re-issues of his work began the year he died.