Kinnimont Clan History

The name Kinninmont has a regional origin, with the name deriving from the lands of Kinninmonth in Fife. William I of Scotland (top) granted a charter for those lands to Odo, a seneschal to the Bishop of St. Andrews, between the years 1189 and 1199.

An 1841 publication tells us that on the original charter, it is the first time that we see the family name in the form of S’Iohannis de Kinimmund.

On the 1296 Ragman Roll, William de Kynemuthe’s name is present, along with many other Scottish nobles, declaring allegiance to Edward I of England.

In 1329 an Alexander de Kininmund became the Bishop of Aberdeen, whilst in 1352, a different Alexander de Kininmund became the Archdeacon of Aberdeen, and later on, in either late 1354 or early 1355, he too, became the Bishop of Aberdeen.

With no male heirs left to carry on the direct line of Kininmonts of that Ilk, the chief line came to an end with the sole heiress marrying Murray of Melgund.

A more recent notable Kinninmont was the late Sir William Kininmonth (1904-1988), a well known Scottish architect.