Lammie Clan History
Also found as Lambie and L’Ami.

“A name once of good repute as a native name in Angus, though those who bear it in modern times have sought a French origin, and spell it L’Ami”.

Henry Lambi was a character witness in Dundee in 1281. Gilbert and John Lamby were members of inquest made at St.Andrews in 1302. In 1364, John Lamby was witness in Brechin. Alexander Lambie had a charter of the lands of Bernes in the barony of Crail in Fife from David II.

In 1401 Liulph Lambie witnessed a wadset in favour of Duthac Carnegy. ‘Thome Lammeis wif’ and ‘Mariora Lammeis dothyr’ were tenants of the King in Strathdee in 1527.

Andrew Lamby was one of the accused in the murder of David Rizzio, Italian courtier and private secretary to Mary, Queen of Scots, in 1566 at the Palace of Holyroodhouse.

Silvester Lammie was Laureated at St. Andrews University in 1617, Sibella Lambie appears in Wester Futhie in 1613, and Robert Lambie was a maltman at Deanfield in 1772.

The Lammies of Dunkenny were recorded there as early as 1542, and George Lammie of Dunkenny was a charter witness in 1628. Dunkenny is in the parish of Eassie and Nevay in Angus.