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Clan Leslie People

John Leslie, Bishop of Ross (b.1526)
Writer of ‘The History of Scotland’ as a gift to Mary, Queen of Scots. He is remembered as her greatest supporter.

General Alexander Leslie, 1st Earl of Leven (c1582-1661)
Began his career as a soldier firstly in Holland, then in Sweden, where he achieved the rank of Field Marshal. Commanding the Scottish Army of the Covenanters, he took Edinburgh Castle with 1000 men.

In 1640 he defeated the Royalists at Newburn in England and, with David Leslie, helped defeat them again in 1644 at Marston Moor.

John Leslie, 6th Earl of Rothes (1600-41)
Helped draft the Covenant in 1638, and made an important contribution at the Glasgow Assembly in that year.

David Leslie

David Leslie, Lord Newark (d.1682)
Fought in the Thirty Years War for Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden before joining the Scottish Army of the Covenanters to command the cavalry in the victory against the Royalists at Marston Moor in 1644.

When he surprised and attacked Montrose’s small army in 1645 at Philiphaugh, Montrose escaped but his men surrendered. Nonetheless, Leslie ordered the slaughter of all the men and their families, who accompanied them in those times.