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Crotair Mac Gilligorm (c.1200)
The ‘hump-backed son of Gilligorm’ founded two Celtic churches – the first at Kilmuir in Skye and the second at Kilchrinin in Glenelg. The legend relating to his name says that after being cut from his abducted mother’s dead body by the Frasers. His back was broken by them so they need not, in later years, fear his vengeance in reprisal for his parents’ slaughter, which might otherwise have been performed with a vehemence inherited from Gilligorm.


Marker of where Bruce’s heart was buried at Melrose Abbey


Sir Walter and Sir Robert Logan (d.1329)
Robert the Bruce asked his friends to bury his heart in the Holy Lands.

In 1329 Good Sir James Douglas took on the task, accompanied by the brothers Sir Walter and Sir Robert Logan. The perilous journey was made only as far as Southern Spain, where the Moors attacked the party and all were slain.

James Logan (d.1872)
The writer of the two-volumed ‘The Scottish Gael’, James Logan spent many years researching the setts of tartans, collecting antiquities and untangling tales. He was hindered by, among other things, the earlier suppression of tartan wearing by the English, then the use of the colourful patterns in upper-class fashion across Britain in his own times.

His work was published in 1831 and is regarded as a major reference and vantage point for seeing beyond those misleading years.