Clan Cairns Tartans
There is a Cairns tartan but it’s not a stock weave so can only be done as a special weave. Cairns is a sept of Clan Grant, so also wear the Grant tartans.
Cairns mod
Cairns of Finavon Tartan

The Cairns tartan was designed for David Cairns of Finavon, Baron of Finavon.   Many generations of Cairns have served in the Black Watch regiment and because of this the background sett is based on the Black Watch.

The colours used in the background are from the Lindsay tartan, which in itself is also based on Black Watch, the original title Baron of Finavon was actually held by the Earls of Crawford this title having been created in the Peerage of Scotland for Sir David Lindsay back in 1398.

The yellow line is based on the livery colours of David Cairns.

The azure lines are an allusion to the Grant tartan, they had a long affiliation with the Grant family.

Not commercially available, however we can do a special weave minimum 10 metres.


Grant Anc

Grant Ancient


Grant Mod

Grant Modern