Urquhart Crest & Coats of Arms

Urquhart Clan Crest:

Crest Description: Issuant from a crest coronet, Or, a naked woman from the waist upwards, Proper, brandishing in her desxter hand a sword, Azure, hilted and pommelled, Gules, and holding in her sinister hand a palm sapling, Vert

Urquhart Coats of Arms:

Kenneth Trist Urquhart of Urquhart, Chief of Clan Urquhart
Arms: Or three boars’ heads erased Gules, armed Proper and langued Azure
Crest: A naked woman from the waist upwards Proper brandishing in her dexter hand a sword Azure hilted and pommelled Gules and holding in her sinister hand a palm sapling Vert
Supporters: Two greyhounds Proper, collared Gules with leashes reflexed over their backs Or on a compartment embellished with wallflower having four petals of yellow
Badge: A mermaid Proper, tail-part Gules, crined Or and holding a harp Or
Matriculated: The Court of the Lord Lyon 16th April 1959 and 12th March 1999. Lyon Register, volume 43, folio 44, 45, 46 and volume 83, folio 55.

Thomas Urquhart III, B.S.A.E., PE
Arms: Per fess Or and Argent, on a fess Azure between in chief three boar’s heads erased Gules armed Proper and Langued Azure and in the base two mullets Gules, a cartwheel Or spoked Gules
Crest: a falcon rising Proper
Motto: Always with Honour Always with Courage
Matriculated: The Court of the Lord Lyon, 24 January 2006. Lyon Register, vol. 86, folio 57.
“These Arms were matriculated from my Grandfather, Thomas Urquhart’s, Arms.”

On 27 October 2014 the Lord Lyon granted these arms to William Leonard Urquhart II, of Ketchikan, Alaska.