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Colin Maclaurin (1698 – 1746)
Colin Maclaurin was born in Kilmodan, Argyll, and attended the University of Glasgow at age eleven. Entering the University at eleven and graduated at 14. After graduation he remained at Glasgow to study divinity for a period and in 1717, aged nineteen, he became professor of mathematics at Marischal College in the University of Aberdeen.

In 1725 he was appointed deputy of the mathematical professor at Edinburgh, James Gregory, upon the recommendation of Isaac Newton. Newton was so impressed with his work, he actually offered to pay Maclaurin’s salary. Eventually, Maclaurin went on to succeed Gregory.

In 1733 he married Anne Stewart, the daughter of Walter Stewart, the Solicitor General for Scotland. He actively opposed the Jacobite Rebellion of 1745 and assisted in the defence of Edinburgh but had to flee to York upon the approach of the Highlanders. He returned after the Jacobite army marched south, but the events had damaged his health, and led indirectly to his death. He is buried at Greyfriars Kirkyard, Edinburgh.

John MacLaurin (1734-1796)
Lord Dreghorn, who proved his claim to the chiefship of the clan through a family who held the Island of Tiree.

Prof. Digby John MacLaren (b.1919)
A respected Canadian geologist, noted as an important contributor on the subject.

Colin McLaren (b.1940)
A prolific writer and broadcaster, he is a regular contributor to BBC Radio 3 and 4.