MacLean of Duart Weathered Heavy Weight Tartan per meter

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Introducing the MacLean of Duart Weathered Heavy Weight Tartan per meter, a high-quality tartan that brings both style and comfort to your wardrobe.

This pure wool heavyweight tartan is expertly woven in Scotland at one of the country's top mills, ensuring exceptional craftsmanship and durability. With a weight of 16oz, this tartan is perfect for creating heavyweight kilts that stand the test of time.

Featuring a double width design, this tartan measures 140/145cms wide, providing you with ample fabric to bring your creative vision to life. Whether you're designing a kilt, skirt, or any other custom garment, this tartan offers the versatility you need.

  • Superior Quality: Crafted from premium pure wool, this tartan offers unmatched quality and longevity. Say goodbye to flimsy fabrics and hello to long-lasting style.
  • Authentic Scottish Heritage: Woven in Scotland, this tartan embodies the rich history and tradition associated with Scottish textiles. Showcase your love for Scottish culture with this timeless tartan.

When purchasing this tartan, please keep in mind that you are buying it by the meter. Each meter length comes with a width of 1.4m, ensuring you have enough fabric to bring your creative projects to life. Whether you need a small or large quantity, this tartan is perfect for both personal use and professional tailoring.

Elevate your wardrobe with the MacLean of Duart Weathered Heavy Weight Tartan per meter. Embrace the beauty of Scottish textiles and create stunning garments that make a statement wherever you go. Grab your meter today and embark on your next sewing adventure!

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