Clan Gordon

Gaelic Name:Gôrdan

Crest: Issuant from a crest coronet Or a stag’s head (affrontée) Proper attired with ten tines Or

Motto: Bydand (Remaining)

Origin of Name: Placename, Berwickshire

Badge: Rock Ivy

Lands: Strathbogie, Deeside, and Aberdeen

Clan Chief: The Most Hon. Marquis of Huntly

Associated Names

The following names are considered associated names or septs of Clan Gordon:

Ackane, Adam(son), Ad(d)i.e., Addison, Adkins, Aiken, Aitchison, Aitken, Akane, Akins, Atkin, Atkins(on), Badenoch, Barrie, Connor, Connon, Cote, Craig, Cromb(i.e.), Cullen, Culane, Darg(e), Dorward, Duff, Durward, Eadie, Ed(d)i.e., Edison, Esslemont, Garden, Gard(i)ner, Garioch, Garr(o)ick, Geddes, Gerr(y)ie, Harrison, Haddo(w), Huntl(e)y, Jeffrey, Jessiman, Jopp, Jupp, La(i)ng, Laurie, Lawrie, Leng, Ling, Long, MacAdam, MacGwyverdyne, Mallett, Manteach, Marr, Maver, McGonigal, Meldrum, Mill, Mills, Milles, Miln(e)], Milner, Moir, More, Morrice, Muir, Milnes, Mylne, Pittendri(e)gh, Shellgren, Steel(e), Teal, Tod(d), and Troup


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