Clan MacLellan

Crest:  An arm supporting on the point of a sword, a Moor’s head
Motto: Think On
Origin of Name: Gaelic, ‘Son of the Servant of St Filan’
Clan Chief: None, armigerous clan

Associated Names

Usually spelt MacLellan or MacClellan.

Septs: Cannon of Killochy

Other Spellings: (These are some of the alternate spellings of the surname MacLellan)

Cleiland, Guileland, Maklellan, McLelane, Cleland, Guililand, Maklellane, McLellan, Clelend, Guilliland, Maklolayn, McLelland, Clelland, Guliland, Makulikin, McLellane, Clellend, Gulliland, McCleilane, McLolan, Clenel, Kneland , McClelan, McLolane, Cliland, MacClellan, McClellan, M'Culican, Gilelin, MacClelland, McClelland, M'Culigan, Gilfalyn, MacGillelane, McClellane, M'Culigin, Gilfelan, MacGillfhaolain , McGilelan, M'Culikan, Gilfillan, MacGilligan, McGillalane, M'Culiken, Gilfillane, MacGilligin, McGillelane, M'Giligan, Gilfillian, MacGillolane, McGillican, M'Gillelan, Gilfolan, MacKillican, McGilligain, M'Gulican, Gilfulain, MacKillicane, McGillolane, M'Illeland, Gilfulan, MacKilligan, McKelecan, M'Keelican, Gilland, MacKilligin, McKelegan, M'Kilican, Gillefalyn, Macklellan, McKillican, M'Kilikin, Gillefillane, Macklellane, McKillicane, M'Killican, Gillefillian, Macknellan, McKillichane, M'Killigin, Gillefolan, MacLalland, McKilligane, M'kulikan, Gilleland, MacLallen, McKlellan, M'Lelane, Gillephillane, MacLelan, McKlellane, M'Lelann, Gillifelan, MacLeland, McLalen, M'Lelen, Gillilan, MacLelane, McLallen, M'Lellane, Gilliland, MacLellan, M'Cleallane, M'llelan, Gillphillan, MacLelland, McLelan, M'lleolan, Gilphillan, Makellane, McLeland, M'Lolane


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