MacLennan Clan Crest Badge in Pewter

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Looking to show off your proud MacLennan heritage? Look no further than our MacLennan Clan Crest Badge in Pewter! This eye-catching badge is perfect for displaying your clan with style and pride.

Our pewter clan crest badge is one of our best-selling items, and for good reason! It is generously sized at around 40mm (1.75"), making it the perfect accessory to wear as a cap badge or a large brooch pin. The badge features a traditional locking safety pin design, ensuring it remains secure and can withstand everyday wear and tear.

The design of the badge incorporates the traditional belted design, symbolizing the clansman belt wrapped around the clan crest, representing the unity and strength of the MacLennan clan. With over 120 crest options available, you can choose the one that resonates most with your MacLennan lineage.

Now, here are two key features of our MacLennan Clan Crest Badge:

  • Quality Materials: Our badge is crafted from pewter with a palladium coating, ensuring its durability and long-lasting shine.
  • Made to Order: Each badge is made specifically for you, guaranteeing its uniqueness and attention to detail.

With its popularity among clan gatherings, this badge is a must-have for MacLennan clan members. Show your love for your heritage and order your very own MacLennan Clan Crest Badge today!

What Our Customers Have Said About This Product...


Fast delivery and top-quality clan crest – exactly as pictured!


We were thrilled to find our clan badge available. Thank you so much!

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