Clan Munro

Gaelic Name: Mac an Rothaich

Crest: An eagle perching, Proper

Motto: Dread God

Origin of Name: Gaelic, Mac an Rothaich (Man from Ro)

Badge: Common club moss

Lands: Easter Ross

Clan Chief: Hector Munro of Foulis

Associated Names

The following names are considered septs of the Clan Munro:

Dingwall, Dingwell, Dingvaile, Foulis, Fowlis, Keddie, Kiddie, Culloch, Gulloch, MacAdie, MacCoulaghe, MacChullach, MacAlach, MacCullaigh, MacClullich, MacColly, MacCully, MacCulloch, MacEddie, MacHulagh, MacHullie, MacKeddie, MacLullich, MacLullick, Makcullocht, Manro, Monro, Monroe, Munro, Munroe, Pathillock, Patillo, Patillok, Vass, Vassie, Wass


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