Silver Plated Christmas Decoration Luckenbooth

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Decorate your Christmas Tree with this lovely Silver Christmas Decoration featuring a design based on a traditional Scottish Luckenbooth.

Crafted in the finest silver plate, the decoration has an attractive red ribbon to hang it on the tree, and comes complete on a display card giving a short history of the design.

Size: 60mm x 60mm


The ‘Luckenbooth’' dates back many centuries in Scotland. They gained popularity during the reign of Mary, Queen of Scots and still hold a significant meaning today. ‘Luckenbooths’ are said to be so called as they were first sold from "locked booths" in Edinburgh's Royal Mile.

Traditionally, they were exchanged between lovers on their betrothal, and subsequently were pinned to their first baby’s shawl to protect the child from evil spirits.

These heart-shaped brooches, surmounted by the crown of Mary Queen of Scots, and often decorated with the Scottish Thistle, are one of the most romantic artefacts from Scotland's rich history, resulting in their enduring appeal.

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