Silver Plated Christmas Decoration Luckenbooth

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Looking to add some Scottish charm to your Christmas tree? Look no further than our Silver Plated Christmas Decoration Luckenbooth. This stunning decoration features a design inspired by the traditional Scottish Luckenbooth. Crafted with the finest silver plate, it adds a touch of elegance to any holiday decor.

Hanging this exquisite decoration on your tree is a breeze, thanks to its attractive red ribbon. Measuring 60mm x 60mm, it's the perfect size to make a statement without overwhelming the rest of your ornaments.

But what exactly is a Luckenbooth? Dating back many centuries, this symbol holds great significance in Scottish culture. Originally sold from locked booths on Edinburgh's Royal Mile, Luckenbooths were traditionally exchanged between lovers on their betrothal. They were then pinned to the first baby's shawl to protect against evil spirits.

With its heart-shaped design and the crown of Mary Queen of Scots, our Luckenbooth captures the romance and history of Scotland. Embellished with the Scottish Thistle, it's a true representation of the country's rich heritage.

Key Features:

  • Silver plated for an elegant look
  • Comes with an attractive red ribbon for easy hanging

Add a touch of Scotland to your Christmas celebrations with our Silver Plated Christmas Decoration Luckenbooth. Embrace the romance of the past while creating lasting memories for the future. Order yours today and make your tree shine.

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