Stewart of Galloway Modern (Old and Rare) - Medium

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Introducing the Stewart of Galloway Modern (Old and Rare) - Medium tartan, a true gem from the House of Edgars' exclusive 'Old and Rare' range. Crafted with utmost care, this 100% Pure New Wool kilting cloth promises to elevate your kilt making experience.

With its medium weight and single width weave, this tartan is perfect for creating kilts that make a stylish statement. Its versatile nature allows it to be worn on a variety of occasions, from casual gatherings to formal events.

Featuring a mesmerizing blend of colors, the Stewart of Galloway Modern tartan is a tribute to timeless sophistication. Its unique pattern adds a touch of panache to any outfit, making it a must-have for fashion enthusiasts and history lovers alike.

  • Exceptional Quality: This tartan is handcrafted with care and precision, ensuring its longevity and durability.
  • Authentic Design: The Stewart of Galloway Modern tartan stays true to its traditional roots, paying homage to Scotland's rich heritage.

With an approximate weight of 13-14oz and a width of 80cm, this tartan is sold by the meter. Each quantity of 1 represents 1 meter by 80cms, allowing you to purchase precisely the amount you need for your project.

Elevate your kilting game with the Stewart of Galloway Modern (Old and Rare) - Medium tartan. Embrace the perfect blend of history, style, and quality to create a kilt that truly stands out.

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