Barclay Tartan and Clan Crest iPhone Rubber Case - 4 - 7

Style: iPhone 4 White
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Get ready to stylishly showcase your Scottish heritage with the Barclay Tartan and Clan Crest iPhone Rubber Case!

As our lives become increasingly digital, it's important to add a touch of personality to our everyday devices. This sturdy and fashionable iPhone case is the perfect way to display your pride in your Scottish roots.

Designed to fit iPhone models 4, 5/S, SE, 6, and 7, this case is made with high-quality rubber that offers reliable protection for your precious device. The durable aluminum back of the case adds an extra layer of strength, ensuring your iPhone stays safe from scratches and minor impacts.

The standout feature of this case is the beautiful Barclay tartan design. With its rich combination of vibrant colors and traditional patterns, this tartan is a true symbol of Scottish heritage. What sets this case apart is the addition of the Barclay clan crest printed on the aluminum back. This unique touch adds a personalized and distinguished element that will surely impress.

  • Showcase your Scottish heritage with the Barclay tartan design
  • Durable rubber and aluminum construction for reliable protection

Please note that each case is individually printed to order, ensuring a custom-made experience just for you. Due to this personalized process, please allow up to 10 working days for your case to be created and delivered.

Elevate your iPhone's style while embracing your Scottish roots with the Barclay Tartan and Clan Crest iPhone Rubber Case. Order yours today and make a statement!

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