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This Inverness Ancient Heavy Weight Tartan is the perfect choice for anyone looking to add a touch of Scottish heritage to their clothing or home decor. Made from pure wool, this heavyweight tartan is crafted in Scotland at one of the country's top mills. With a weight of 16oz, it offers both durability and warmth.

Made with quality in mind, this tartan is double width, measuring 140/145cms wide. This means you'll have plenty of fabric to work with for your projects. Whether you're creating kilts, blankets, curtains, or any other tartan-based item, this fabric will provide ample coverage.

When purchasing this Inverness Ancient Heavy Weight Tartan, please note that you are buying it by the meter. This means that you'll receive a 1-meter length of fabric with a width of 1.4m. It's the perfect option for customizing the amount of fabric you need.

  • Authentic Scottish Tartan: Made in Scotland at a top mill, this tartan brings true Scottish heritage to your projects.
  • Durable and Warm: Crafted from pure wool and weighing 16oz, this heavyweight tartan offers both durability and warmth for long-lasting use.

Add a touch of Scottish tradition to your next project with the Inverness Ancient Heavy Weight Tartan. Whether you're creating a kilt, blanket, or any other tartan-based item, this fabric will provide the authenticity, quality, and warmth you need. Purchase by the meter to ensure you have just the right amount for your project.

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