Religious Legends

Some call Scotland ‘Gods own country’. With such a wealth of early religious symbolism in places like the beautiful island of Iona, the Celtic crosses that appear all over Scotland, the numerous abbeys and monasteries and of course great saints like St Columba, St Ninian, St Andrew and St Margaret. Scotland has a reputation as a pious country.


St Margaret

It could be argued that St Margaret was Scotland’s greatest female character. Born into a time where Scotland was a lawless and dangerous place St Margaret was a great civilising influence on the country and her legacy exists all over...

Saint Andrew

On the 30th of November St Andrews day is celebrated across Scotland and indeed around the world. So how did this most eligable of all saints come to be Scotland’s patron saint? Saint Andrew was one of the original Christian...

Saint Æbbe

Like many of the early Christian Saints, Æbbe was from royal blood. Æbbe was the daughter of King Æthelfrith the Ravager of Bernicia and his third wife Acha of Deira. She was also related to St. Oswald and St. Edwin,...

Saint Mungo

The saint most closely associated with the foundation of the city of Glasgow, St Mungo’s true story must lie somewhere between fact and legend. Mungo’s mother was Denw (or ‘Tenew’ in some versions), his grandfather was a Brythonic king Lleuddun...controlled the MacLain of Lochbuie and Lachainn Lubanach (Lachlan the Wily) controlled...