Arisaig - Zebrano Wood Sgian Dubh - Pewter Top

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Arisaig - Zebrano Wood Sgian Dubh - Pewter Top

Elevate your style with the Arisaig Zebrano Wood Sgian Dubh featuring a polished pewter top and a genuine hand-carved zebrano wood handle. This exquisite daywear Sgian Dubh is perfect for adding a touch of Scottish tradition to any ensemble.

Handcrafted in Scotland with utmost attention to detail, this Sgian Dubh boasts a stainless steel blade that ensures durability and precision. The stunning zebrano wood handle not only provides a comfortable grip but also showcases the natural beauty of this remarkable wood.

Each Arisaig - Zebrano Wood Sgian Dubh - Pewter Top comes in a sleek black presentation box, making it an ideal gift for your loved ones or a prized addition to your own collection. With its unique design and superior craftsmanship, this Sgian Dubh is sure to turn heads and start conversations wherever you go.

  • Exquisite Scottish craftsmanship
  • Polished pewter top for a touch of elegance

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this Sgian Dubh also offers practical benefits. The stainless steel blade ensures longevity and sharpness, making it suitable for various daywear occasions. Additionally, the genuine zebrano wood handle not only adds to the visual appeal but also provides a secure and comfortable grip.

Made to order with care, please allow three weeks for your unique Arisaig - Zebrano Wood Sgian Dubh - Pewter Top to be crafted just for you. Discover the rich tradition of Scottish heritage and add an unparalleled accessory to your wardrobe by joining the ranks of those who appreciate the finest craftsmanship.

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